About Us

About M A R I N E  T A L E S

 Who we are.

It all started on our first date at the beach.

He needed an escape from his stressful working environment back then.
I needed to find a cute affordable bikini to impress him.
We both failed.
We started discussing about the gap in the market for ladies who wanted fashionable, high quality swimwear, yet budget friendly. Then the love story turned into an e-commerce business. And the rest is history.


The name.

‘Marine Tales’ initially embraced the most wonderful time of the year – Summer. Like all great things, it started as a small idea but expanded rapidly during the first year of launch. Currently, ‘Marine Tales’ is the Queen of all seasons. The brand now constantly adds pieces of swimwear, beachwear, lingerie, nightwear and loungewear. Our designs follow the latest fashion trends, being elegant and flirty just how we like.


With Love,

Marine Tales Team