Breakfast in bed anyone? Marine Tales Pajamas are carefully made with the finest fabrics and sustainable textiles that feel so soft and luxurious like wearing a pair of clouds. Each pj set is an expression of our love for self-care, comfort, and minimalism - made to make you feel calm and at peace while enjoying your first cup of coffee every morning and your last cup of tea before bedtime.  

Sewn by expert seamstresses from a carefully selected warehouse, our pajamas have been a favorite choice and a touch of hope at times of isolation, where everyone needed to feel this special something while working at home. Worn and loved by many, the Marine Tales pajamas are a statement of versatility and effortless elegance. Super elastic and perfect for all body types.

Made from modal - a bio-based textile that is super soft and naturally breathable, the newest additions to the collection are the VALERIE and AURORA sets in White and Sky Blue. These fresh sets of colors reflect peace and calmness and according to color psychology, they are associated with tranquility, trustworthiness, and reliability – this is what we want you to feel when thinking about our brand.

The limited edition exclusive feather pajamas have reached a trendy status. These flirty-fun party pajama sets with feather finishes at the ends of sleeves and pants can guarantee the most exciting look, perfect to welcome guests at home, and why not a special outfit or go party with absolute ease! Can be worn as a set or mixed up with your seasonal staples to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe.

Lastly, the Marine Tales onesies in the ribbed thick sustainable fabric are the cutest addition to our collection of loungewear. Designed in the Republic of Cyprus by our founders, each piece is utterly unique. Buy our homeware online and invest in exquisite style and comfort.